Fresh Wave Products

Fresh Wave generously sent me 3 products to test out for review purposes. I received the odor removing laundry booster, the odor removing gel (air freshener type), and odor removing spray. I have a 3 year old who still hasn’t gotten the hang of potty training yet, 3 full grown slobbery bulldogs, and 2 fish tanks. Anyone with kids in diapers or pull ups knows that also means double the stinky garbage.

If you don’t know what Fresh wave is, it is a all natural odor remover. I love that it is safe to use on anything and around my kid and pets. It is made with natural oils so it does have a unique scent of its own. The scent took me by surprise when I first smelled all the products, but it has grown on me. They have a variety of products, I plan on trying them all! They are eco friendly and cruelty free, which I also love!

I used the odor removing laundry booster as directed with my son’s bedding after he peed threw this pajamas one night and it worked well. It doesn’t mask the odors like most other products I have tried, it actually took them away. I also used it on my dogs blankets that they sleep with. It worked well with those too. It leaves them smelling fresh and clean, not like a wet dog. I hate the wet dog smell, so I was very pleased.

The odor removing gel works excellent! I was noticing an odor in my bedroom from the dogs sleeping on the floor so after I washed their blanket and cleaned the carpet, I opened the gel and put up on a shelf. I did that over 40 days ago and I can still tell its working. I will keep it until it doesn’t smell anymore. It has done wonders for the dog smell in my house!

I have used the odor removing spray for a ton of different things. I have sprayed it on my couch and love seat, on carpets, and even in my husbands stinky work boots, even sprayed in my garbage can! It has done its job on everything! I repeat as needed and everything stays fresh!

Below is the actual package I got. Fresh Wave is sold at  Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Ace Hardware. I was in no way paid to do this review. These are my honest opinions of the products. Check out to see what products they have!


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